Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services

Population Health Unit

Efforts to broaden ongoing support for regional population health strategies across Kimberley ACCHSs became possible with national ear/health funding in late December 1996.

Until this point, regional support for population health was only possible through the KAMSC Medical Director. Since this time , KAMSC has expanded PHU capacity for regional support through national funding initiatives targeting eye health, indigenous sexual health care and improved primary health care access. More recently, regional initiatives to support improved tobacco control strategies has been added to the unit.

Historically, these individual 'body part' funding arrangements were made on a grant by grant basis annually, each requiring individual reports, with specific performance indicators. More recently, reporting has been combined into an action planning framework for areas funded through Office for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, while reports for other funding agencies are reported separately on a program by program basis (sexual health, Tobacco control).

From within this funding framework, KAMSC PHU provides regional support for comprehensive and holistic population health care provision within affiliated community controlled primary health care services and clinics within the Kimberley.

PHU Responsibilites

  • Current and emerging population health risks and problems are identified and prioritised and interventions are appraised, agreed and planned
  • Workforce knowledge and skills in population health are enhanced and workers receive support.
  • Guidelines, information management systems and other population health resources are identified, developed and/or refined to support best practice
  • Direct client care is provided for selected health conditions
  • Population health programs are evaluated as part of local continuous quality enhancement

  • Unit resources are managed effectively
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