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Beyond the Big Smoke

Beyond the Big Smoke is a Tobacco Control project that exists as a partnership between KAMSC and AHCWA (Australian Health Council of Western Australia). The project is jointly funded by Healthway and the Australian Respiratory Council.

The project aims to implement a range of strategies designed to have a positive impact on smoking behavious amongst staff and user populations of Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHSs).

The strategies entail:

  • collaboration between ACCHSs and other organizations to improve capacity to respond to;
  • tobacco control issues in Aboriginal populations;
  • identification of smoking behaviour amongst staff and user populations of ACCHSs;
  • promotion of tobacco control through increased use of brief interventions and enhanced awareness of smoking impacts amongst the ACCHSs populations;
  • encouraging ACCHSs to actively support and promote tobacco control policies and strategies;
  • consolidation and co-ordination of recent tobacco control initiatives targeting Aboriginal populations.

Activities that are being conducted as part of the Beyond the Big Smoke project:

  • Tobacco champions network across Kimberley ACCHSs.
  • Tobacco control training program for Kimberley ACCHSs staff.
  • KAMSC Tobacco support group.
  • ACCHSs Smoking program.
  • “Yarning about Tobacco” competition.
  • Support with tobacco control policy implementation and maintenance.
  • Data collection of tobacco use in the Kimberley.
  • ‘Why I wish I had never smoked’ project.
  • “Congratulations on Quitting smoking” banners.
  • “Protect the Kimberley from Tobacco Smoke” Campaign.
  • Protect the Kimberley from Tobacco Smoke.

Download Beyond the Big Smoke Bulletins:

• July 2009

• April 2009

• December 2008

• October 2008

KAMSC Project Officer: Mena Lewis

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