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KAMSC Renal Resources and Downloads

glomerulonephritis poster Glomerulonephritis poster - 1.3mb pdf
Good Kidney Health poster Good Kidney Health Poster - 0.5mb pdf
Kidney Transplant poster Kidney Transplant Poster - 0.2mb pdf
APD Night Dialysis APD Night Dialysis Poster - 0.2mb pdf
APD Night Diaylisis Poster APD Night Dialysis Poster - 0.2mb pdf
Medicines for Kidney Disease Kidney Disease Medicines Book - 0.8mb pdf
Kidney Care booklet Kidney Care Booklet - 1.6mb pdf
haemodialysis poster haemodialysis poster - 0.2mb pdf
CAPD bag dialysis CAPD bag dialysis poster - 0.2mb pdf
Medicines poster Medicines poster - 0.2mb pdf
capd torso poster. Capd torso poster - 0.2mb pdf
Kidney Education Kidney Education - 0.3mb pdf
Kidney transplant Kidney Transplant poster - 1.2mb pdf
Fistula Poster Fistula Poster - 0.2mb pdf
Risks of Kidney Disease Poster - 0.5mb
Stages of Kidney Disease - 0.5mb pdf


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