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Grey Nomads: Health and Health Preparation of Older Travellers in Remote Australia

Many older Australians now tour remote Australia (so called 'grey nomads'). Anecdote suggests they place a burden on limited remote health services, however, this burden is poorly documented. As a first step toward addressing this burden, this study investigated a cohort of older Australians in the Kimberley. This study found that older patients are poorly prepared for travel in remote Australia. They have a chronic disease rate no less than the national prevalence and could represent a drain on local health resources. Solutions might include GP review before travel, bringing sufficient medication for the trip, review of vaccination requirements, and a health summary.



Tate J, Mein J, Freeman H, and Maguire G. Grey nomads-health and health preparation of older travellers in remote Australia. Aust Fam Physician 2006;35:70-72.

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