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Kimberley Diabetes Audit

This project is a clinical audit that will examine the impact of the implementation of the Kimberley Chronic Disease Therapeutic Protocols on the health outcomes of diabetic clients in Aboriginal community controlled health services (ACCHS) in the Kimberley.

The aims of this QA project are:

  • To assess the recent implementation of the Kimberley chronic disease therapeutic protocols in the Kimberley ACCHS.
  • To assess adherence to protocols in screening for diabetes in some of the Kimberley ACCHS.
  • Develop strong, productive and enduring partnerships that empower communities and health services to ask and answer questions about their own service provision, and provide important evidence to inform future policy development.

Clinical information of participants will be obtained from patient notes and electronic databases. The researchers will not have any direct contact with the patients. This information will be used to assess current levels of screening and diabetes care in regular clients of the Kimberley ACCHS. This will enable the researchers to assess the effectiveness of the implementation of the Kimberley Chronic Disease Therapeutic Protocols and to develop future aims for diabetes screening and health care in the Kimberley.


  • Assoc Prof David Atkinson
  • Assoc Prof Wendy Cavilla
  • Dr Nicolette de Zoete
  • Assoc Prof Julia Marley
  • Dr Carmel Nelson
  • Dr Carole Reeve
  • Dr Alice Tippetts

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