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Kutjungka Mortality Study

This project involves a detailed audit of health records for people in the Kutjungka region of WA who have died in the last 5 years, the overall aim being to identify preventable causes of death and to inform health system improvements that may contibute to reducing rates of premature death amongst Aboriginal people in this area.

The Kutjungka region has a population of around 1000 people across the three Aboriginal communities of Wirramanu (Balgo), Mulan and Mundibingu (Billiluna), located south of Halls Creek on the edge of the desert. The Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services Council (KAMSC) has provided comprehensive primary health care services in the Kutjungka since early 2006.

The aims of this study are to:

  • Determine the exact number of deaths in the region and compare that to the overall population numbers
  • Establish the likely causes of death
  • Analyse the sequence of events leading to the deaths in those cases being examined

By examining the role of all health services with these patients, we hope to identify areas where our services can be improved, as well as pass on our experience to other health services in the region (and elsewhere) in order to attempt to improve care and reduce deaths overall.


  • Dr Jonny Levy
  • Dr Nicolette de Zoete
  • Dr Carmel Nelson
  • Assoc Prof David Atkinson
  • Assoc Prof Julia Marley

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