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The Early Childhood Anaemia Prevention Project is a multi-strategy primary health care project to prevent anaemia and improve nutrition of infants and young children in remote Indigenous communities. This is a pilot project, located in ten communities across northern Australia (Northern Territory, North Queensland and Kimberley). Tjiitji Marrka Manguwa (kids will be strong) is the name of the Kimberley arm of the project. The three communities in the Kutjungka region (Balgo, Billiluna, Mulan) have been selected based on community interest and concern about early childhood nutrition and anaemia, and capacity to support the project.

The project comprises comprehensive behaviour change counselling by community based workers for improved infant and young child feeding practices; community wide communication and action about infant and young child nutrition and anaemia; and home micronutrient fortification using ‘Sprinkles’.

The project will build capacity in communities to address anaemia and nutrition, and specifically aims to influence policy and program development. A participatory evaluation will be conducted to determine the feasibility, acceptability and effectiveness of this approach to anaemia prevention and infant and young child nutrition.


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  • Carol Green
  • Deanne Hector
  • Loretta Mudgedell
  • Sophie Moora
  • Theresa Sunfly
  • Meleseini Tai-Roche
  • Robyn Smythe
  • Tracy Leon
  • Steve Stevetts
  • Danielle Aquino
  • Dr Carmel Nelson
  • Assoc Prof Julia Marley


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