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Protective Behaviours Community Way

The ‘Protective Behaviours Community Way’ is a living skills and personal safety program.

It can be used in a non-threatening way of looking at specific areas such as child abuse and domestic violence.
The safety package is developed to be used as an educational program to be used by families, teachers, health workers and community groups when interacting with children.

The Protective Behaviours Community Way Package aims to:

  • Teach our children to be strong and feel safe in their homes and community.
  • Tell them that they can talk about good and bad secrets.
  • There are people who they can trust and will listen and support them.

Concepts and ideas had been inspired by KAMSC Regional Centre for Social and Emotional Wellbeing staff and members of the Peninsular Women’s Group.

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The Package includes 29 x A3 laminated posters, 3 books and 4 x A4 black and white worksheets which can be photocopied


Its My Body - Protective Behaviours

It’s My Body Book

This little book encourages children to assert their rights against threat of sexual abuse. It has been designed for Kimberley children and will be useful to parents, teachers and health workers as an educational resource. It is 18 Pages and printed on 330gsm Card.

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