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HPU Posters

Flu Sick - A4, A3.

Cold weather times is Flu Time!

About Flu Vaccine

How to stop Flu sick spreading around community

Grog and Gungu stuffs up my mind - A4, A3, A2.

"Sometimes I can't think clear...

It is like snakes are coming out of my head... makes me want to do and say stupid things."

Suicide Sux

"If you are feeling depressed or feel like hurting yourself, don’t be shame to ask for help. Speak to your Aboriginal Health Worker at your local AMS or call Crisis Care (24 hours) on 1800 199 008. "

Beyond the big smoke
Cigarette Poisons

Look, Listen and Learn

Tobacco smoking kills.

Cigarette Poisons When you smoke, your kids smoke too!
Cigarette Poisons Stop the smoke!
Cigarette Poisons Traditional smoking heals - tobacco smoking kills
Cigarette Poisons Cigarette poisons.

Healthy Futures Posters

Alternate versions of the posters are available with blank steps - designed to allow community speak /regional specific language to be used by writing in with a permanent marker.

Hand Washing - step by step

6 steps for good hand washing.

Great for displaying in bathroom and kitchen areas.

Teeth Brushing

Brushing Teeth and oral hygiene advice.





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